Spin - Catherine McKenzie

Katie (female lead) is an absolute HOT MESS!!  


Exhibit A, B, C....so on and so forth

Katie is a freelance writer/journalist who writes music reviews for weekly papers. She barely makes enough of a living to feed herself. She drinks copiously from her roommate's wine stash daily. By divine intervention, she's scored an interview at a premiere music magazine, her perfect dream job. The interview just so happens to be on her birthday. 


Side note: Many of Katie's friends think she's a grad student turning 25 when she's actually turning 30 and is done with university already. Her same-age friends think she should get her act together, of course, so she doesn't see them much.


Katie goes out with aforementioned grad school friends, gets shitfaced in celebration of her upcoming birthday (read: night before interview for her dream job), staggers home in the wee hours of the morning and wakes up 5 minutes before her 9am interview time. Katie arrives 15 minutes LATE still reeking of alcohol. Needless to say, no dream job for Katie! 


What does Katie do?? Get her shit together...oh no, no, not Katie. Katie goes home and spends the next days moping and watching tabloid TV in a wine-induced haze! 


The kicker

Katie's self-induced misfortune actually pays off and Dream Job calls her back to offer her a gig to go undercover for a month at a rehab facility to spy and write an exposé on the latest Hollywood "It Girl" who is reportedly doing a stint at the facility. 


Yeah, that happens all the time! 


Now that Katie has entered rehab 'undercover', I'm hoping for a fun ride. More to come...