Clean Hands - Kim J. Davis


There are so many reasons this book didn't work for me but I'll give you the top 3 that influenced my rating the most:
1) The constant stereotyping of Blacks and homosexuals was highly offensive.
2) I didn't find any of the primary or secondary characters likable or redeemable; the fact that all the characters cheat bothered me in and of itself but even more so because it kept happening all the way to the end. 
3) The writing was long-winded and repetitive. 


By the end, I didn't feel like the characters had redeemed themselves from past bad acts in the least, which made me feel like it was a fruitless read. There were multiple times that I considered marking Clean Hands DNF. Instead, I kept thinking it'd get better.



It didn't get better. I'm new to this author; there was nothing I found endearing about this story that would make me seek out future reads by her.