The Grunt - Latrivia S. Nelson
Loved it! Very realistic and engaging portrayal of the issues no one discusses like racism, elitism between officers and enlisted in the military, PTSD, and the toll military deployment takes on relationships.
When the story starts, I felt bad for Brett and his young son Cameron; you're supposed to...Amy sounds like a real bitch. While we hate Amy for her actions, one can only imagine the hardships for a young woman whose husband is deployed for the better part of their marriage; leaving her stateside, lonely with a young child to take care of on her own. Not condoning her wrong-doing by any means, but I realize these situations are never not cut and dried.
The chemistry between Brett and Courtney is scorching hot but they have to overcome a lot before they reach HEA - most importantly Courtney's family's feelings about her dating (in addition to working for and living with) a White "grunt". Courtney's mom, Diane and Brett's best friend, Joe, are great characters who round out the story adding a bit of levity. Race can't be left out of an interracial romance, but it was well executed here, not the main theme or conflict but discussed convincingly between the hero/ine and supporting characters.