Dangerous Boys and their Toy - Shayla Black

Although I was turned off by the title of this novella, I was intrigued by the synopsis, so I borrowed it anyway.  Overall, I I liked this novella, but I did have some eye-roling moments along the way. 


First, I had to get over the premise of an officer of the law basically sexually harassing a woman to get information for a case. 


Then I was appalled at one of the heroes (another cop) tying the heroine to the bed while she was sleeping then almost having sex with her (luckily she wasn't asleep for that part) -- again, to get information out of her for the case.



I suspended belief and kept reading and...totally unexpected happenings!! I didn't read any reviews before reading so I knew from the cover that this was a three-way, but wasn't prepared for the M/M action. I don't mind M/M loving, it's just that this came sorta out of nowhere. The sex scenes were well done and built on one another instead of jumping right in when one of the men isn't gay/bisexual and the heroine doesn't know these guys from Adam prior to them stalking her as part of their case.


In addition to the reasons above, this book was not a higher rating for me because of the ending; it was very rushed. Perhaps, I expect too much for out of these short stories, but after only 36 hours of being "together" -- not even knowing each other's full names, I might add; it's just not believable that the three MCs would embark on such a complicated relationship (i.e., planning marriage) and live happily ever after.