Three to Tango - Emma Holly, Lauren Dane, Megan Hart, Bethany Kane

Overall, all these four novellas were well-written and very erotic; one or two I enjoyed more than others. All are stories of friends who get their HEA after long estrangements - the best kind of story for me. I love when characters have unresolved history, especially in a novella when there aren't enough pages to make insta-love plausible.


Full disclosure: Lauren Dane can do no wrong (IMHO) and I was captivated by Dirty/Bad/Wrong as I am with all of her books. I always enjoy being taken back to characters in Petal, GA. The characters had depth and complemented each other well. I would enjoy a full-length book of Angelo, Luca, and Ava and how they adjust to and manage their relationship together after the HFN ending. (4.25/5)


Just One Night (4.5/5) was probably my fave of this anthology. This was an interesting twist on the love triangle trope.  It was surprisingly believable and well-developed for me. Equally surprising to me was that this is the least erotic of the four stories in this anthology. The sex scenes were steamy in a sweet way rather than a kinky sexfest. I would have liked a more fleshed out ending though.


Flipping for Chelsea (2.5/5) unfortunately was one of my least fave of the shorts. I like menage stories as much as the next -- brothers or cousins sharing a woman, no matter how unbelievable IRL, doesn't bother me usually; yet I just couldn't wrap my head around 2 adoptive brothers who were raised together being in a M/M/F menage. I tried to keep reminding myself that they weren't related by blood, but I just couldnt get past them referring to the same two people as "mom and dad" and calling each other "bro" during the sex scenes. I couldn't suspend my belief that far to fully enjoy this novella.


On the Job (2.5/5) was an erotic story that I wished could have been longer to develop the characters further. Madeline and Walker were combustible together but I was left wanting more from this story besides the steamy sex. I found Madeline to be a brat and Walker was cold and vindictive; the whole submission scene made me cringe.