Wicked Garden - Lorelei James

I read Ballroom Blitz first - which I really enjoyed, then found out that there was a preceding story for Billy and Eden which is where we meet rockstar Jon White Feather. I love a second chance love story and Lorelei James never disappoints whether it's about cowboys or not.


Sexy things happen very fast here - a little too fast to be realistic between Billy and Eden who have history, but haven't seen each other in years.  Like LJ's other stories, the characters and storyline is not without some realism; here it's the racial issues between Whites and Native Americans in this region of the country. I loved Eden and her take charge attitude.  Although things happen fast here, you still get a good idea who these characters are and why they work by the end. Also, it was nice to get a little catch up on Nathan and Tate from Dirty Deeds.