Devoured: A Novel - Emily Snow

WTF?!?! I was left speechless at the end of this one! I just couldn't believe how abruptly this book ended. 


The story and chemistry between Lucas and Sienna was sizzling right from the start; lots of tension and angst between these two characters. It's a very quick read but I didn't start to actually like Lucas or Sienna until about 50-60% in. Up until that point, I found Sienna annoyingly immature and melodramatic (like too many New Adult heroines) while I found Lucas overbearing, yet something about him was interesting enough that kept me wanting more.


The secondary characters were a good addition, specifically Lucas' sister, Kylie, and Sienna's BFF, Tori.  BUT I wanted more from Lucas and Sienna throughout. What secret does Lucas' ex-wife have on him that he needs to guard so heavily?!?! What's the full story with Sienna's mother?!? Fast forward to the end and it's all warm and fuzzy goodness, but I wanted Sienna and Lucas to talk...unload their souls, not for the book to end so abruptly. This whole cliffhanger epidemic has reached a level of epic ridiculousness.  Then waiting a year or more for the next book...NO BUENO


There were so many unanswered questions when this book came to an end that I have a hard time sorting all my feelings without knowing the whole story between Lucas and Sienna.