Beg Me - Shiloh Walker

I can't say I wasn't forewarned about the content in the synopsis and disclaimer about the subject matter in this novella, so I'm not blaming Ms. Walker here.


I should have paid better attention to my instincts that this wasn't the erotic novel for me. I've read books that pushed me outside my comfort zone before, but this was way more dark and twisted than I could buy into. I just couldn't invest in the romance/HEA part with the MCs because I was so uncomfortable with the heroine's dark desires/fantasies and the corresponding dialogue.  Of note, the hero is somewhat reluctant to jump on the bandwagon with his lady love's sexual needs. He takes some convincing but eventually gives her the bizness as she wants it. Persuading....*cough*...pressuring someone into a sex act never works for me regardless of who is doing the pressuring, male or female in a story. Because both hero/ine aren't on board right from the jump with this particular kink, it did not ring my bell. 


Maybe I live a sheltered life, but this is just not an arena that I could suspend my personal feelings or belief to get into the sexiness of it.  Ultimately, rape (or the fantasy thereof) is NEVER sexy in my world!




It's possible that had this book been longer and the plot been developed over a longer period of time (Beg Me spans one evening), maybe I could have got on board, but this was not subject matter that worked in a novella for me. I still love Shiloh Walker though.