Mine  - Katy Evans

Real was one of those books that readers either loved or hated. Against popular opinion, I happened to like it, so I was actually looking forward to reading Mine.  Unfortunately, my hopes for Mine were completely blown to smithereens.


My reaction at 55%.  


By the end of the book...


This was practically the same book as Real; an extension of the same conflicts surrounding Remy's BPD and the subplot with Brooke's sister. Why was this book written? Better question, why did I waste my time -- that I cannot get back -- reading it?


I have absolutely NO inclination to read book 3, Remy; a re-hash of Real from Remy's POV, and right now it's doubtful that I'll continue with the series for Pandora's (Ripped) and Melanie's (Raw) books to come next year.