Here we are at the 4th week of did that happen? 


In late December 2013, I set my 2014 reading goal for 175 books. A rather lofty goal some would say, but I read over 200 books in each 2011 and 2012 and 160+ in 2013, so I set my goal somewhere in the middle for this year. In order to read 175 books, I need to keep a pace of 14-15 books each month. With only a week left in January, I've only read 4 books. Each took me a week or more to finish. SO unlike me. Why am I not reading at my usually fast pace?? 


At first, I chalked it up to just enjoying the new year, figuring I'd get back to my old self eventually after the hangover of holiday spirit had worn off and the usual grind resumed.  That hasn't happened. Sometime last year, reading begun to feel more like a job than a unpaid and thankless one at that! I've always been a voracious reader but in the last couple of years working as a consultant/freelancer from my home, who makes my own schedule for the most part, rather than clocking into an office has given me a lot more time to become engrossed in a book and read it cover to cover throughout my day and night. I won't even begin to count the sleeping hours I've deprived myself of in the last 2+ years in the name of finishing just one more chapter. For the record, there have been many great books that I've enjoyed immensely. But there have been too many that I wished I didn't waste my time on. Sadly, the latter category outnumbers the former. Why spend my time reading books that aren't even all that good (to me)?


So I'm revising my 2014 reading goals to 52 books. That's ONE book per week.


What will I do to fill my time? (AKA - what I've been doing this month)


- Spend more time being active. 


- Get more sleep.


- Read a magazine. (Hey, reading doesn't always have to mean a book. LOL!) 


- Pursue new business opportunities; networking and such beyond emails and phone.


Most of all, I plan to be A LOT more selective about which books I do choose to read. Seeking out genres that I've been neglecting, etc and not feeling the need to finish a book I'm not enjoying.  Also, I won't be reviewing books unless it's something that really moves me in a big way. Reviews are another time suck that I no longer have the passion to do. I will be posting my OMG! or WTF?! (expect lots of GIFs) comments to books I'm currently reading but full reviews will be few and far between.  


Happy New Year to all my BookLikes friends!