Deliver - Pam Godwin

I'm not a champion for the very popular (of late) kidnapped sex slave falls for their captor trope.  I read approximately half of Captive in the Dark before I couldn't take anymore. I quickly threw it into the DNF pile and never looked back. Call me crazy, but I have trouble seeing the romance or rooting for HEA amidst kidnapping, forced sex, beatings, and all other manner of abuse. I definitely don't find any of these atrocities to be titillating.  



After my experience with the aforementioned book, I've steered clear of any similar books - and there have been many - no matter how great my bookie friends have said they were. I have no ill will on those who write these books nor those who enjoy reading them, but I pride myself on being a girl who knows her own limits.


Until now.


Admittedly, this book piqued my curiosity solely because it features a female captor and male captive in the sex slave trade. Will I most likely have the same issues as I mentioned above? Undoubtedly yes. I may not even be able to finish the novel. Who knows!  Unlike other books including this theme, I'm intrigued and want to see how this plays out with a male captive instead of a female. Not to mention how the author sells me on an HEA after such not-so-romantic happenings between the MCs or if I'm expected to suspend disbelief to the high heavens to buy into the plot. 


We shall see...