...you perused your list of followers?


Sometime ago I remember a bunch of us discussing how our number of followers increased exponentially seemingly overnight without any notifications.  I think the general consensus was that new BL users were auto-following us.  I had no reason to think this didn't make sense, so I shrugged it off and went about my business.


Today I had some time on my hands between work and household chores, so I gave all these followers a gander.  What did I find?


A whole lot of spam, that's what I found.  At least a third of my "followers" were users that haven't been active on BL in months, if ever.  The bulk of the others were "consulting/management/property" groups.  Why would a legit consulting firm want to follow my book blog full of romance book reviews???  They wouldn't, of course!  So my guess is that these are a bunch of phishers.  


My advice, spend some time checking out who your followers are and block them accordingly.