Whatever You Like - Maureen Smith

This was my first book by Maureen Smith back in 2010. I can say that I liked it mostly because it reminded me of one of my fave movies, Pretty Woman. The sex scenes were quite explicit. If you're more into the hearts and flowers romance without much detail, don't get this book. If panty-melting hot is your thing, then you won't be disappointed. That being said, I had a wee bit of trouble believing that Lena, the heroine, is this shy woman who doesn't date much (outside her moonlighting/escort services) and blushes like a schoolgirl, yet she had sex with a sexy client in his limo on their first 'date' and a week later she's tying said man up and having her way with him the second time they hooked up!


Personally, I have no issue with a strong, confident heroine who owns her sexuality, no blushing required, lol. Overall, I enjoyed the book immensely and would highly recommend it to others who enjoy Maureen Smith or this genre in general.