Hope Flames - Jaci Burton

Hope Flames wasn't my favorite Jaci Burton story, but I did enjoy is the character development of this book compared to others I've read. We get to see Emma and Luke interacting with family and friends in addition to doing their jobs, not just with each other seemingly 24/7 as we see so often in Romancelandia.  Also, I liked that these two didn't jump between the sheets right away; thus, they built something meaningful based on friendship, not just hot sex. 


I enjoy flawed characters in romance but my problem with this novel was that I felt that their issues - especially Emma's, were so belabored that it made the story somewhat predictable in ways.

I saw Emma's ex, Vaughn's, reappearance coming from a mile away as a vehicle for Emma to show she was strong and had overcome that part of her life.

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