"I am not your personal customer service hotline. Do not ask me the order of my series or when the book is coming out in your particular country or how to make your fucking Kindle turn on. Google it. It will take you less time and turn up a much more reliable answer."


She has a good point, but the manner in which she expressed it...not cool.


And in the comments, she replies:


"I spend hours every day responding to reader questions on all my various social networking sites. It is a full time job. It takes up more time than writing. You have no idea the bullshit I am bombarded with. Suddenly I'm an asshole for pointing out that listing the order of my books ten times a day may not be the most productive use of my time? I love cool questions and comments. It's the inane ones I object to. You don't pay my salary. I don't have to do this. But here I am. Personally responding to your comment at almost 1am."


If she doesn't want to do it, then she shouldn't do it. No one has to respond or remark on bullshit if they don't want to.




Imagine if a Target or Macy's or Amazon decided to send out a big, fat FUCK YOU to customers for asking questions -- even those questions that make them say, REALLY?!? -- what would happen.  If she is getting the same questions from readers on her social media page over and over again, that's on her for not making the information easy to find and clear.  Her post may decrease the amount of stupid questions, but was it worth it considering the loss in future sales it's also caused? 


She wrote this post during the wee hours of the night and maybe she was feeling particularly frustrated that day over yet another question that she's been asked hundreds of times that can be easily found by using Google or visiting her website.  Perhaps she was having a bad day in general and felt like spreading her ire...whatever it was , this isn't the way you treat your fans and customers.  And she's stupid if she believes that there won't be blow back.  


She went on to 'clarify' her first post and all that did was further confirm how rude and insensitive she is.  In the second post she says, "you don't have to like me." Well, she has no worries about that from me.  I haven't read her books and I can say without any doubt that I won't be spending my money on anything she writes in the future. 


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